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Nature Works Services and Fees

Nature Works has established an assessment process and fee schedule to assist is in determining the suitability of our treatment methodology to individual clients needs. Our process begins with a series of assays to determine the contaminant levels requiring removal.

Following this initial step we complete a series of bench tests using either additional samples of client provided leachate or a synthetic substitute containing equivalent concentrations of all contaminants. This essential procedure is completed to determine the kinetics of the bacterial removal process and to provide necessary information for design parameters. This step also serves to demonstrate to clients that our bacterial processes can remove and sequester the contaminants to meet regulatory requirements.

Site specific testing is the next step. Natural processes are subject to climate and geography and it is important to understand these to ensure effective efficient contaminant removal. Nature Works will construct – on-site – a field scale version of our treatment system and monitor this to ensure reliability.

Once all data has been assessed we proceed to design and construction. Direct supervision of all phases of construction are completed by Nature Works staff to ensure that all aspects of the design are followed. Once construction is completed the start-up and operational procedures are established and a monitoring schedule (as required by regulators) is set up.

Nature Works will provide a detailed operating manual and can provide on-site maintenance and monitoring services as required.


1) Initial assay (client ships effluent to Nature Works) $2,500.00

2) Bench Scale Testing (client specific) $5,000.00

3) Field Scale Testing (Travel, Expenses additional) up to $25,000.00

4) Design (site specific)

5) Construction Costs (site specific)

6) Maintenance and Monitoring (site specific)

Head Office

Nature Works  Box 515 Rossland BC, VOG 1YO
Ph. Number (250) 512-9270
Email: mat_pommer [at]

Ontario Office

Nature Works - Al Mattes 233 Water Street, Guelph Ontario N1G 1B4
Ph Number (519) 998-9903
Email: almattes [at]

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