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NATURE WORKS is an experienced company that specializes in using natural processes to remediate contaminated sites. Combining skills in biology, botany, microbiology and engineering and metallurgical chemistry NATURE WORKS skilled staff design and construct treatment options based on phytoremediation, bacterial processes, rhizofiltration and phytostabilization. By engineering wetlands and bacterial digesters to maximize their effectiveness we can treat contaminated water, including groundwater, and remove contaminants such as heavy metals, (zinc, copper, cadmium, arsenic and others) organic chemicals and hydrocarbons.

As industrial processes affect more of our watersheds, indications of contamination become alarmingly evident. Mining, smelting, industrial operations, landfill leaching and agro-business operations - each can result in water that contains high levels of metals or organic contaminants.

The results of allowing untreated wastewater to enter our groundwater supply is now a major environmental issue requiring remediation. The need for cost-effective treatment to very low levels is increasingly important to the public and to regulators. Engineering natural processes to increase treatment rates is a viable option and can be the treatment of choice, alone or in combination with conventional technology. Effective removal of many common industrial contaminants, low initial construction costs, easy, reliable operations with low on-going operational costs are major benefits. When these are combined with the positive image natural processes have with the general population, such processes must be considered when designing treatment systems for wastewater.

At NATURE WORKS, we have years of experience designing and operating treatment systems for removal of heavy metals and other contaminants. Our research site in Trail, British Columbia has shown that high concentrations of heavy metals - zinc, cadmium, copper, iron and others at concentrations as high as 850 parts per million (ppm) - can be removed quickly and be permanently sequestered. We have also demonstrated a system with remarkable success in reducing arsenic concentrations from as high as 250 ppm to 0.4 ppm or less. The arsenic is removed by bacterial processes and is stored safely in the biological substrate that comprises the cell.

Our systems have been designed to operate efficiently year-round. Each system is designed to fit the parameters of the site - geography, type of contaminant, flow rate, and chemical characteristics of the water. The flexible nature of our design and the consequent ability to create a system that is site specific ensures that each system can be scaled to suit the needs of individual clients. Let us show you how your wastewater treatment problems can be addressed using natural processes.

Contact us for further information regarding your special remediation needs.

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