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Construction Images

Wetland Cells
leveling the site for the holding pond
sloping the bottom of the typha cell
installing the liner in the typha cell
adjusting output collection pipe
planting typha rhizomes

Anaerobic Bioreactor
digging the initial anaerobic bioreactor in 1998
anaerobic bioreactor being filled with biosolids
filter layer installed in anaerobic bioreactor
second anaerobic bioreactor cell finished in 2000

Site Details
collection system
main control matrix
winterized control shed
slow sand filter
second anaerobic bioreactor
reconstructed bioreactor

Lab Research

Bench Scale Research at the University of Guelph
bench scale system
brassica screening early growth
brassica screening
germination tests in contaminated soil samples

Plant Field Research
brassica and helianthus
brassica and hybrid poplar in first cell
calamgrostis canadensis planted in second cell
end of first summer
rheus raponticum in first cell
spartina pectinata in first cell
tripsicum dactyloides
tree farm
tree farm one year old
shrub research
wild flowers on site
typha rhizome after four years of metal removal

Metal Contaminated Soil Research

Testing Metal Uptake (PHYTOEXTRACTION) in Metal Contaminated Soil
research site
site layout
control plot
plant growth with soil amendments
healthy roots from soil amended plot


Aspects of Soil Remediation Treatments Leading to Photostabilization
beginning the composting process
mixing biosolids
slope stabilization
planting large trees in soil treated with biosolids
wildflowers growing in remediated soil
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